In September of 2009 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  As you may know there are many different types of symptoms that a person with MS can experience.  I had many different symptoms.  Luckily, mine were still new and not as extreme as many other people.  Still, I had my own symptoms and my own struggles with MS.  The symptom I will talk about here is the weakness in my legs. 

My biggest struggle was walking and standing for long periods of time.  Well maybe using the word long is not correct, any peroiod of time may be a better way of explaining this.  Simple tasks of walking down the stairs was difficult let alone going up them.  The railing was my good friend when challenged with stairs.  Groccery store visits were always a challenge.  If I knew I was going to be on my feet and needing to walk a distance my cane was used.

Fast forward to January 13, 2012.  This was the day my life was changed for the better.  I had the CCSVI procedure performed by Dr. Craig Suchin of American Access Care – Towson, MD.  (to schedule an appointment click here)  The procedure only took one hour.  The results were instant.  I could tell with my first steps that I had strength back in my legs.  I could tell my posture and stride have improved INSTANTLY.

There are many positives to this procedure.  I am thankful for the results.  I want to make one thing clear, this is not a cure.  This is a treatment for your MS symptoms.  I used to inject myself with MS medication and NEVER had this type of result.  Infact, I actually felt worse than when I was not taking the injections.  The things you will need to know about this procedure is there are some negatives.  Depending on your pain tollerance and how your veins cooperate, the ballooning process could be painful.  You are drugged and it limits the amount of pain you feel but I know I can tollerate pain pretty well and it did get very uncomfortable during the procedure.  The days following the procedure will also be uncomfortable to a point.  There will be a stiffness in your treated areas.  This lasted maybe three days.  Would I do it again for the same results?  HECK YES! 

I am writing this because most people out there are only telling the positives of the procedure.  Treating this as a cure.  The reason I say it is not a cure is because I do have some symptoms that I had before.  Now keep in mind, I am writing this only a month following the procedure.  Could things get better? Yes.  Could they get worse?  Yes, but I am hopeful they do not. 

It is safe for me to say, after having the CCSVI procedure performed on myself that I think everyone should start treating your body with vitamins and better nutrition.  Make sure to do your research on CCSVI.  Once you start to see what CCSVI does for the body it makes more sense than injecting yourself with a man made drug that has a 50/50 chance of doing anything.

Proof that this procedure works, I have already jogged 1 mile on the treadmill in 17 minutes.  I tried before the proceedure to walk for one mile and had to stop due to the weakness and numbness that took over my legs.  I only made it to 0.62 miles.  I am planning on running a 5K on May 12, 2012 in Youngstown Ohio. 

If you would like to support me in my Cane to 5K run or you are looking for a reason to get into shape, join me and other Moving Strong friends by signing up today!

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